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Our core engineering team designs and manufactures compressor, combustor and turbine components for industrial gas turbines used in power generation. TRICO offers non-OEM Gas Turbine components - Combustion Section, Hot Gas Path Section, Compressor Section, and other Custom Design.

Service & Maintenance for Gas Turbines



Parts to be Serviced


 MFR - GE : MS5000 series
    MFR- ABB : GT11N
    MFR - WH : W501D5
    And others

Models are registered trademarks of General Electric Corporation, Westinghouse Corporation and ABB

Combustion Liner
Transition Piece
Crossfire Tube
Fuel Nozzle
Clam Shell
Bullhorn Bracket
Inner & Outer Casing
Other Related Parts

Hot Gas Path Section

Bucket (Blade)
Nozzle (Vane)
Shroud Block
Other Related Parts

The non-OEM parts adopt many turbine manufacturers' proprietary alloys delivered by the world's leading ISO certified suppliers of vacuum and air-melted master alloys used in the manufacture of high-technology investment castings and forging stock. The advanced complex ceramic cores, which form the internal cooling passages of investment-cast turbine airfoils used in the casting of reactive and nonreactive single crystal, directional solidification and equiax alloys.

Skilled staffs assist customers at every application phase from design to production.

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